Manufacturing Processes on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

We have a strong relationship with many manufacturers which keeps our people at the forefront of the industry. Our process is extremely efficient in working through technical challenges and product idiosyncrasies during system integration. Our service reduces your exposure to unqualified integrators deploying your systems and allows us the opportunity to elevate the positive perception of your products through flawless delivery. We do this by putting our veteran staff of System Engineers, Master Programmers, Installation Technicians and Project Managers on the projects thereby controlling the quality of the end-users experience. Many times the individual working with your product is unqualified to deal with the environment in which the device is being installed. Our certified staff has the experience to work on the system design and understand the parameters needed to maintain quality in a multitude of environments. In addition to our onsite services we offer manufacturers the ability to provide a project presence when working through tough integration challenges or technical disputes. Contact our research and product development specialists to learn more about our manufacturer relationships

Problem: A large AV manufacturer reached out to MCS to develop a software solution to create a standalone interface for their new hardware.

Solution: MCS’s programmers created a user interface and cross platform software solution to help create a stand-alone solution for a new product.


AMX‐ NetLinx Designer
AMX‐ACE Certified Audio
AMX‐ACE Certified Installer
AMX‐ACE Certified Programmer
AMX‐ACE Certified Room Management Systems (RMS) programmer
Ashly‐ Protea’ Line Certification
AutoCAD R2004‐ 2‐D Drawings
Biamp – Certified Tesira DSP Systems
Biamp – Certified on AudiaFlex and Nexia DSP Systems
Biamp – Certified Vocia paging and intelligent PA Systems
ClearOne – Certified Technology Specialist on Converge
ClearOne – Certified Technology Specialist on XAP DSP Systems
Crestron – Certified Digital Media Certified Designer (DMC‐D)
Crestron – Digital Media Certified Engineer (DMC‐E)
Crestron‐ Commercial System Design
Crestron‐Intermediate Programming (Commercial)
Crestron‐Intermediate Programming (Residential)
DCJS / MSP Compliance Agent
DCJS / MSP Electronic Security Sales
DCJS / MSP Technician
Extron – Certified Extron AV Associate (EAVA)
Extron – Certified IP Link Installer and Programmer
Extron ‐ Certified Media Link Installer and Programmer
Extron ‐ School of AV Technology
Extron – Certified Global Configurator
ICC Elite Installer
InfoComm AV/IT Integration for Industry Professionals
InfoComm Certified in A/V System Networking
InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)
InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist Installation (CTS‐I)
InfoComm Essentials of the AV Industry
InfoComm Professional Sales Skills for AV Rental and Staging
InfoComm Professional Sales Skills for Systems Integrators
KBZ Certification
Martin Lighting‐Certified Lighting Technician
NEC – Digital/VoIP
NSCA – Power Distribution for Audio & Video Systems
Ortronics Clear Installer
Polycom Certified Videoconference Engineer (CVE)
Polycom Network Systems
Polycom Soundstructure Certification
Polycom Vortex Certification
Radvision MCU
Sonicwall Firewall
Tandberg / Cisco – Certified Technician
Tandberg / Cisco– Certified TMS and Certified MCU Administrator
Zulty – VoIP ZCSE