Systems Integrators

front1We provide professional services for quality Systems Integrators (SI) of all sizes; our suite of services provides your team with the ability to scale-up technically for challenging projects and add depth in numbers to build more systems during a sales cycle. We do not sell equipment, nor do we pursue integration opportunities with end users. We understand that your sales team can better identify and expose opportunity within the market. Our services are charged as a flat fee as opposed to an internal resource where equipment issues, coding unfamiliar products or using generalists as opposed to specialists can create cost fluctuations and unpredictable results. Outsourcing the delivery of a project locks in your profits and limits any losses by design.

Law Firm, Brussels Belgium

Problem: The system was plagued with design and implementation issues and the end user fired the original integrator from the project because they were unable to provide a problem free solution to for their conferencing and presentation needs

Solution: MCS was contracted by the new Systems Integrator to develop a plan of attack to fix the issues that plagued the systems performance. MCS sent our System Engineer to Brussels for a week to address the problems and expose any issues that were not already addressed. We successfully completed the task at hand and the end-user specifically asked for our team to work on their other offices globally.